Rae Marcus is the author of two short plays, Rule Number Eight and How Do You Feel?, performed as student productions. Three of her poems (“Claustrophobia,” “Porcelain Doll,” and “Choke”) were published in her high school literary magazine. This is her first published volume of poetry. She currently attends college in North Carolina, where she also writes for the university newspaper.

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Talk to me
Like autumn

Crisp conversation
Like the breeze

Breath as wind
Cinnamon and cedar

Warm sweaters
Warm arms

Harvest moon
Wide eyes

Be my refuge
From the tempests

You and Scorpio
In the heavens

It can’t always
Be summer

But we can
Stave off winter

Excerpted from Talk to Me Like Autumn
by Rae Marcus.
Copyright © 2001. All rights reserved.

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