Rae Marcus is the author of two short plays, Rule Number Eight and How Do You Feel?, performed as student productions. Three of her poems (“Claustrophobia,” “Porcelain Doll,” and “Choke”) were published in her high school literary magazine. This is her first published volume of poetry. She currently attends college in North Carolina, where she also writes for the university newspaper.

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You grew tired of your porcelain doll
So you kept her in a glass case
And bought me to be
Your new toy to play with.

You liked the way
That I wasn’t delicate
You were able to toy with me
Throw me in the air
And neglect me —
Like you never could have done
With your porcelain doll.

You loved the way
That you could toss me around
And I would never fracture
Or suffer any pain —
The way that I would have
If I were your porcelain doll.

But as soon as you were bored with me
You flung me carelessly aside
And coddled again
Your beautiful porcelain doll.


Excerpted from Talk to Me Like Autumn
by Rae Marcus.
Copyright © 2001. All rights reserved.

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