The City Burns at Night

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Chapter 1: Hot Off the Press
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Chapter 2: Playing with Fire
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Chapter 3: Scorching at Midnight (13.3 MB)
Chapter 4: Burning Passion
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Hollywood, 1947. An arsonist is running loose in L.A. The police aren't talking. Intrepid reporter Tom Miller is following the story. Will he get to the truth, or will he get burned?

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About the Production

Thom Haynes as Tom Miller
Summer Sanford as Trudy Wilkes
Jennifer Kuli as Irene Faye
Peter Shelfo as Mr. Jenkins
Jay Shapiro as Mr. Wade, W.H. Harper, and others
Eric Devitt as The Cop, The Bartender, The Cab Driver, and others
Tatiana Guy as The Cab Co. Girl, Girl Reporter, and others

Performed before a live audience.

Music by Hal Stephens
Live Sound Effects by Rowell Gormon
Written by Roger Alford
Directed by Robbie Stone