Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Serial (Chapter 1)


Length: 8:30 minutes
Chapter 1 of 14
Edited by Roger Alford

Footage from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982), written by Lawrence Kasdan, story by George Lucas and Philip Kaufman. Produced by Frank Marshall. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark “re-imagined” as an actual movie serial from the 1930s. Fourteen exciting chapters! Tune in for a new, exciting chapter each week!

CHAPTER ONE: THE GOLDEN IDOL. Archaeologist Indiana Jones and his side-kick Satipo plunder the booby-trapped temple of the South American Hovitos Indians to steal their priceless golden idol.


“Pretty much speaks for itself. This is a really cool little experiment that I hope in the back alleys and hallways of "The Studios" the folks are taking to heart... Roger – let me make the request now and say I want to see THE ROCKETEER, THE PHANTOM and THE SHADOW in this format.”
– Bill Cunningham (aka The Mad Pulp Bastard), Pulp 2.0

“This is a great idea and really harkens back to what Indy is all about – the old cliffhanger serial... I really love those opening titles. They're fantastic!”
– Ed Dolista, The IndyCast (Ep. 23)

“Quite cool... I love the black and white thing at the beginning with the titles, etc., looks awesome.”
– Saunderscowie, via SpielbergFilms.com Forum